"I would definitely recommend this course to anyone. They teach both what SGI needs and what real world companies are looking for. Darrell has the experience and knowledge to draw on, and knows when to push or be patient. I am very happy with what I have learned."

– Rob Leuschen

"Trans Industrial is the best “one-stop-shop” for oilfield training. I took almost all their courses and the whole team was more than excellent. I would like to thank all of you so much."

– Brad Mann

"From the office staff to actual instruction and equipment – top notch. Roger was very helpful with all the paperwork and logistics and Darrell is simply the best instructor one could ask for. Thanks guys!"

– Ron Weiers

"There is not one think I can think of changing in the course. You guys were very patient and kind to me. Thank you"

– Bill Fehr

"The instruction and equipment through the course was top notch and the added experience pulling the 53’ trailer is a bonus. I think the chance to pull a real load was an excellent eye opener and something that no other school does. I would like to thank the school and my instructor, Darrell, for their patience with me on going through my road test process."

– Shawn Mydan

"I learned a lot from an excellent instructor! My driving habits have changed to the good from learning how to drive a semi."

– Todd Nicholson

"Overall the course was great! Darrell is a great instructor. His trucking experience was very helpful and his instruction was top notch."

– Garth Reid

"Darrell made sure to put pressure on me to make me perform at a high standard. Without it, I would not have learned as fast as I did. As for the all around instruction…well done!"

– Travis Smith

"The training I received from Trans Industrial was much more than I had expected. They take the success of their students personally, thus giving their all to ensure it. I would be pleased to recommend Trans Industrial to anyone looking to get this type of training. I am 61 years old and am proud to say 'I guess you guys can teach an old dog new tricks'."

– Peter Janzen

"Darrell is easily the best instructor in the industry! Roger was great, he made me feel very comfortable with each course."

– Ryan Sproule

"I came into the truck driving course with a 1A certificate from another school, and I thought all I needed was one week…and it took me 2 weeks…and I’m glad I took 2 weeks. I had a lot of time driving, good instruction, good people, very patient. I would recommend it to my people and Band Council back home to send more students here."

– John Montgrande

"I am extremely pleased at the entire staff. They make you feel at home and very comfortable. It’s almost a shame to leave after only 2 weeks but now that Darrell has taught me how to be a professional driver. I feel very confident about my future. Hats off to all of you at Trans Industrial Safety Training."

– Trent Michayluk

"Everyone at Trans Industrial is more than helpful. They take you aside, one on one, and identify your needs and don’t stop till your perfect. Everyone at Trans Industrial are not just your instructors, they become friends to joke around with and people that are behind you all the way. They instruct you and tell you everything you need to know as well as listen to you to find out where you, yourself, would like to see improvement. Without Trans Industrial, I wouldn’t be where I am today and I also wouldn’t be the same person. I have met people here who not only helped me achieve my goals, but I’ve made friends who I can come back and annoy at my leisure – Ha ha! With the help of Trans Industrial, not only am I able to drive a tractor now, I have become a professional. My expectations of the course were surpassed and I would recommend Trans Industrial to everyone I know."

– Patrick Butler

"Trans Industrial is above the rest. In class, practical and mental, they are #1. You guys are behind your students 150% and more. Never a negative moment, what ever happens. Darrell is the most patient and outgoing person I’ve ever met. He will give 150% and more to help you both practical and in my case, mentally too. I could go on forever but Darrell…don’t change anything, you are the best and keep up the good work. My expectations was to learn about the trucking industry but the training was above and better than expected. I would highly recommend Trans Industrial to anyone I know!"

– Marlene Smith

"As a result of my training with Trans Industrial, I was able to obtain my 1A license on my 1st attempt with SGI. I have learned a far deeper appreciation for safe driving. I have been able to seek follow up advice anytime on questions I may have of the transport industry. They have gone to the mat to help me find and secure employment and as a result of the training I receive, not only as a driver, but equally as an industry representative. I am today receiving glowing reports on both my ability as a driver and conduct in business. My training with Trans Industrial benefited me both professionally as well as personally in that I feel better about myself. Thank you Trans Industrial."

– Daine Von Billings

"I would like to thank Trans Industrial for their fantastic instruction and method of teaching for the 1A Driver Training course I took through them. In the beginning stages, I was very cautious as to which school I used for training and searched many options. I found the price and curriculum far surpassed any other training facility around and greatly surpassed my own expectations. The skillful instruction I received through them allowed me to obtain my 1A license on my 1st attempt with SGI. Their knowledge and experience in the transportation industry is second to none and it shows in their instruction. I have a deep respect for the instructors at Trans Industrial due to their constant persistence in the knowledge you retain and how it applies to everyday work. After completion of the course, I have been able to seek career consultations from the instructors which demonstrate that they are 100% being their students and dedicated to the safety and well-being of anyone who enters their doors. They truly back up their slogan by being “Your Driver & Safety Training Specialists”. Thank you guys!"

– Barry Romaniuk

"I would like to thank Roger, Scott and Darrell in helping me obtain my Class 1A license. The knowledge and experience has been unforgettable. I investigated all of the training schools in Saskatoon before choosing Trans Industrial. They were the only school that had a clear training plan and course costs. They were able to answer all of the questions I had as well as providing more information to help out with the written tests prior to starting. I decided to take a 3 week course as I had absolutely no experience in driving a tractor unit, in fact, I had never even been in one. I thought towing a 53’ trailer would be next to impossible when learning to drive. Darrell, the Manager of Driver Training started with the basics of shifting and progressed to driving in the city. He also showed me the experience of highway driving with a “live load” and going thru the scales to weight the axles. He explained real world driving and allowed me to experience it first hand. Darrell’s knowledge was impressive as was his patience while learning to drive. I received instruction in the classroom in WHMIS, Transportation of Dangerous Goods, Logbook Procedures, Pre-trip Inspections, Air Brakes System and GPS Systems. Everyday was a learning experience. I received my class 1A license upon completion of my air brake and driving test on the 1st attempt with the SGI examiner. I received positive feedback from the examiner upon completion of my road test. I am satisfied with my training experience at Trans Industrial and am looking forward to a new career in the industry. I would recommend the training at Trans Industrial to anyone that is willing to learn. In the future as the need arises, I plan on taking more training at Trans Industrial."

– Tim Davis