Motorcycle Training Course

Trans Industrial Safety Training is proud to offer motorcycle riding courses. The training instruction includes classroom time with qualified instructors and hands-on instruction in the basic fundamentals of motorcycle riding including balance, braking, turning, decision making, traffic patterns, emergency maneuvers & gears.

Instructors work closely with each student as they progress in the safety and control of the motorcycle. Our training programs meet and exceed all regulatory requirements.

Theory In-Class:

  • Outline of program
  •  Program expectations
  •  Traffic Safety issues
  •  Licensing procedures
  • Appropriate riding gear
  • Program materials, rules and regulations

Skills Course – Part 1:

  • Handling the motorcycle
  • Balance and control techniques
  • Basic braking
  • Clutch and throttle control
  • Shifting techniques
  • Slow speed steering control
  • Slow speed braking
  • Turns and cornering
  • Acceleration and deceleration
  • Higher speed steering control
  • Higher speed braking
  •  Emergency braking
  • Defensive riding techniques

Skills Course – Part 2:

Skills Test
Each student must complete and demonstrate their riding skills in order to pass the course.
* Course does not include SGI examination

A great opportunity for you to enjoy motorcycle training in a safe and secure environment.
Our team of qualified instructors is dedicated to teach every student the control and safety in motorcycle riding. For the beginner, novice or experienced riders, we have what
it takes to instruct you to ride and return safely.

Motorcycles supplied for training
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SGI Accredited