Motorcycle Rider Training Program

$520.00 All Tax Included

The Motorcycle Training Course is a 2.5-day program which includes:

Theory In-Class (3 Hour Live Stream)

  • Outline of program
  • Program expectations
  • Traffic Safety issues
  • Licensing procedures
  • Appropriate riding gear
  • Program materials, rules and regulations

Skills Course (Completed over 2 days) – Part 1:

  • Handling the motorcycle
  • Balance and control techniques
  • Basic braking
  • Clutch and throttle control
  • Shifting techniques
  • Slow speed steering control
  • Slow speed braking
  • Turns and cornering
  • Acceleration and deceleration
  • Higher speed steering control
  • Higher speed braking
  • Emergency braking
  • Defensive riding techniques

Skills Course (Completed at the end of day 2) – Part 2:

Skills Test

Each student must complete and demonstrate their riding skills in order to pass the course.

* Course includes the practical test for your Class 6 Learner’s Licence.  The 3 written exams are to be completed at an SGI office.

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Toll Free: 1-865-503-6119

Phone: (306) 934-6935