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Trans Industrial Motorcycle Training 2024

If you’re a first-time motorcycle rider, no matter what your age is, you have to:

be at least 16 years of age (with parental or guardian approval if you’re under 18)

hold a Class 5 or higher driver's license

successfully pass all stages of the MGDL program

SGI approves certified driver training schools to teach the highly recommended motorcycle training course with an approved curriculum, taught by a certified instructor. 

TRANS INDUSTRIAL DRIVER TRAINING - SGI-approved motorcycle training course

Information on TRANS INDUSTRIAL TRAINING Certified training school:

The Motorcycle Training Course is a 2.5-day program which includes:


Outline of program

Program expectations

Traffic Safety issues

Licensing procedures

Appropriate riding gear

Program materials, rules, and regulations


Handling the motorcycle

Balance and control techniques

Basic braking

Clutch and throttle control

Shifting techniques

Slow speed steering control

Slow speed braking

Turns and cornering

Acceleration and deceleration

Higher speed steering control

Higher speed braking

Emergency braking

Defensive riding techniques

Skills Test

Each student must complete and demonstrate their riding skills in order to pass the course.

* Course includes the practical test for your Class 6 Learner’s Licence.  The 3 written exams are to be completed at an SGI office.

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The 2024 Motorcycle Rider Training Program schedule is now up for viewing and ready to start taking registrations.

We have some exciting news.  Keep an eye out for our 2024 Motorcycle Training schedule which should posted in February.  On top of our normally scheduled weekend courses, we will now be offering weekday evening courses to better serve our clients.

Click here to download information on our 2024 schedule and further information on the Motorcycle course

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